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Fresh Beer With Oak Cliff Roots.




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For nearly 75 years, our founders and their families have called south Oak Cliff home. As kids they passed by the Astro Drive-in Movie Theatre and Polar Bear Ice Cream shop while riding their bikes to and from their Grandfather’s church. Eventually they left home for school. Years passed by and when they returned, their old stomping grounds were almost unrecognizable. Older community spots were shutting down, as new development projects reshaped the places they once knew. A new interest in Oak Cliff, especially the Bishop Arts District, brought more and more people across the Trinity River. During this transformation, they watched as the Craft Beer Movement rippled through Dallas-Fort Worth. As the revitalization of Oak Cliff and the beer-making revolution caught traction, the heart of Oak Cliff was lacking unique craft beer destinations to call home. The founders embraced the opportunity to change that–and there was no hesitation on what to name it: Oak Cliff Brewing Company.


Brewing local allows us to invest back into our home.   


1st Place - 2017 Brew Riot People's Choice Award


Located in the Historic Tyler Station Building, directly off of the Tyler/Vernon Dart Stop.


Benny Franklin got it right: ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ We invite you to discover the joy of craft brewing by visiting our brewery and taproom. If you aren't from Oak Cliff, we'd love to welcome you to the neighborhood. Learn the process of beer-making by observing our brewery equipment and brewing experts in action. Taste each of our core and specialty beers, as they flow out of our tanks. Make memories with friends and neighbors over a fresh ale in one of the most historic buildings in Oak Cliff. Once you've enjoyed our beers, ask for it at your favorite local restaurant or bar. 


Oak Cliff, Texas


Beer-making is more than a craft for us. It's how we tell our stories.


"At first taste, the lineup of beers is very promising. All four beers we tried were excellent."


BRIAN REINHART, The Dallas Observer


This is key to who we are. All of us have a story worth telling. Our team just happens to tell stories through fresh beer. Either in our taproom or out in the community, we want to encourage you to tell your stories too–and embrace the intimate moments you share with friends and family over a pot, schooner, or pint of handcrafted beer. That is one of the reasons you’ll find a variety of specialty beers on tap, in addition to our four core beers. Oak Cliff has a rich history worth honoring. As it's narrative continues to evolve, so does our tap list.    


A portion of our fundraising proceeds go directly to Bonton Farms, our neighbors in South Dallas.


You can learn more about Bonton Farms here.

Community relationships are fundamental part of 'Oak Cliff Life.' We love that about our home, and it's infused into everything we do. Each month, we partner with local missions and nonprofit organizations based here locally and provide them with support to help fulfill their mission. We wouldn’t be here without Oak Cliff, so we’re going to make sure our friends get the help they need to keep building our home the right way.